The main occupation of the tribals in the State is agriculture. Despite this, the irrigation facilities existing in tribal areas continue to be inadequate. Moreover, the command area of the irrigation projects usually lie in the plain lands, whereas the tribals mainly reside in the hilly areas. Therefore, the major benefits of these projects predominantly go to non-tribal land holders The increase in agricultural production is inextricably linked with increase in irrigation facilities in the State. The flow of benefits from the major and medium irrigation projects to the tribals are limited, it is necessary to give the priority to minor irrigation works in the Tribal Sub-Plan areas. For 2014-2015 an outlay of Rs.13923.47 lakh has been kept for the irrigation under T.S.P. Irrigation Projects in the State Sector :- The irrigation projects being implemented by the Water Resources Department are the projects having culturable command area above 250 ha. There are 9 medium and 75 Minor Irrigation Projects are being constructed in the T.S.P. areas in the State Sector for which an outlay of Rs.13923.47 lakh has been provided for 2014-2015 (inclusive of State Pool Scheme) (Rs.inLakhs)

Sr.No. Item Outlay
1 State Pool (Corporation) 1100.00
2 District Annual Plan 3023.47
3 State level Schem 9800.00
Total Corporation 13923.47

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